1. More companies are looking to digital solutions

It is evident that companies are embracing digital transformation to overcome the challenges in the “new normal”. This is a step in ensuring the continuity of business operations, namely the day-to-day operations, workplace processes, customer service, document handling, and other forms of communication. Our DMS can benefit your workflow by streamlining business processes, effectively making information retrieval 15% faster, and data processing 10% more timely and cheaper.

2. More employees are opting to work from home

In an effort to maintain the safety of employees and their families, most companies have initiated a work-from-home policy. This remote-working exposure has helped people realize that it is empowering to manage their own time, capitalize on their own peak periods of focus, and avoid the stress of commuting, effectively making employees more productive from the comfort of their own homes.

Now, studies show that 80% of job seekers prefer jobs that offer the flexibility of working from home instead of jobs that don’t. Due to this, there is an increasing demand for companies to practise work-from-home culture. Utilizing a DMS during this shift can benefit your company greatly and place you one step ahead of your competitors not just during, but also after the lockdown has ended.

3. Better security for remote access

The new remote working culture requires employees to access, share and distribute documents from their own homes on the daily. One of the biggest concerns of big companies is maintaining order and security during these processes. For example, a company would find it troublesome if an entry-level employee had access to sensitive upper-level documents.

So how can this problem be solved? Our document management software incorporates 256-bit encryption and allows for level access, user rights, and administrative settings to be controlled by the administrators. This ensures an enterprise level of security for document-handling whilst maintaining quick and easy access from virtually anywhere.

4. Subscription pricing

Due to the financial impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on business operations, companies are reluctant to invest in plans that require big capital expenditures. However, our DMS comes with a subscription-based pricing option that overcomes this issue. In addition, subscription-based pricing allows you to better monitor your future expenses, helping you prevent over-stocking of inventory, reducing the gaps between billing cycles, and giving you a clear idea of what you are bringing in during a specific period.


In this day and age, document management solutions are crucial in allowing your company to adjust and adapt to the new norms. It is important to keep looking forward and making your company more flexible and responsive to remote work processes as the economy slowly restarts.