What’s new in Docuflo DMS version 7.0?

We are excited to announce our latest innovation within our portfolio of information and content management solutions with the launch of Docuflo 7.0. Find out what’s in it for you in this latest upgrade as we strive to digitally empower employees by introducing new efficiencies to the process of digitization and digitalization of the work environment.

Read the highlights below.

Docuflo on Cloud

Docuflo on Cloud is not something new. In fact, we already had successful case studies of migrating existing clients to the cloud. Nevertheless, we would like to officially announce that Docuflo is adopting a cloud-first strategy by launching our cloud-ready version of Docuflo. It is deployable on popular cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google and Alibaba. As we are all aware, cloud deployment is the way of the future, hence InfoConnect recommends customers to consider the cloud over an on-premise solution.

Benefits of cloud deployment:

  • enables continuous updates to accelerate deployment, reduce the upgrade risk, and access new features
  • offers scalability, data availability, security, and performance
  • lowers the total cost of ownership



Docuflo can now be configured as a true single-instance multi-tenant environment. The multi-tenancy feature enables several independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance which can be established either on a single server or across a cluster. The primary instance splits up logically in a way that each tenant could access a completely separate content space on Docuflo. It allows individual tenants to create a personalized environment within their assigned & accessible domain.

This feature of Docuflo helps the superuser to share the cost with all departments of business, and share support & personnel cost. The superuser gets the full authority to access the entire profile and can assign several tenants using the Administration Panel.


  • Host more tenants in a single instance
  • Save on:
    • software license cost
    • OS and database cost
    • new installation cost
  • Share hardware and admin costs with other tenants

User centric design

Docuflo’s latest version unveils a substantial update to its visual interface. Engineered to ensure a streamlined, more intuitive user experience, the new UI update has been engineered to deliver on three primary fronts:

  1. Redesigned User Interface - with a focus on making the user experience as clean, productive and intuitive as possible for the business users.
  2. Seamless Experience - unifying the user and admin modules into one single web portal to provide a consistent, seamless experience when using.
  3. Improved Feature Accessibility - all essential functions such as uploads, link sharing, searches, and emailing are now conveniently accessible via a single screen, thus helping the users save time and effort.




  1. Dashboard view - visually-appealing and easy to understand dashboards to help you track the metrics that you care for your team
  2. Central notification center - to help you easily keep track of pending tasks and the status of your workflows
  3. Consolidated scan module - Access scan batch and scan logs from the web portal 
  4. Drag and drop upload
  5. Document sharing – allows sharing of documents via a link with expiration date, in addition to the common email sharing method
  6. Favourites section – a dedicated section in My Drive to easily access frequently used or “favourited” documents
  7. Summary report preview – summary reports available for preview before downloading the full report
  8. File housekeeping – Dedicated housekeeping section for purge and restore of documents 


Excited for our latest version of Docuflo? Do reach out to us for more information.